Trichocereus narvaezensis (Trichocereus tarijensis) Buy seeds


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Trichocereus narvaezensis (Trichocereus tarijensis) Buy seeds

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This is a really cool and rare species that comes out of the direct relationship of Trichocereus tarijensis. In Anderson´s Cactus Lexicon, it is regarded as Echinopsis tarijensis ssp. tarijensis. Now with that said; the photos that I saw looked substantially different. They were more like a mix between a very fat Trichocereus schickendantzii and a Trichocereus shaferi. But it´ll probably take a while until this species is fully understood.

Personally, I think it´s one of the nicest and rarest species I currently have in the shop. It´s hard to get and the quality is excellent. Those seeds are fresh and tested and harvested from nursery grown plants and NOT stolen from nature. 100% quality seeds!  Unfortunately I don´thave a photo but I will try to get one in the next year or two!