Cactus Seeds ABURI OP Flying Saucer x Cantora


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Here´s another cross that I kept for sowing out myself but do not have the space. It´s an open pollinated cross of the Flying Saucer x Cantora Gelb hybrid ABURI by Uwe Kahle. I had a label on it, but it ended up falling down in a storm. No mediocre fathers are used, so it was almost certainly something great. Ruffled, Wörlitz, huge yellow father, something like that. Only 4 or 5 bags. Like always with these ultra limited crosses, I always appreciate hearing back with some photos later.

PNO.2021.0099 – 15 Seeds / 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order)

Father: ABURI (Flying Saucer x Cantora Gelb)