Cactus Seeds ‘Andenken an Kilian’-Hybrid x Claw


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Cactus Seeds – Original Cactus Jerk Cross PNO 2019.0145

(‘Andenken an Kilian’ x Cantora ) x Multihybrid ‘CLAW‘.

This cross combines two of my best hybrids of 2019. The beautiful orange ‘Andenken an Kilian’/Cantora Hybrid by Kakteen Vers and the breathtaking freak-flower CLAW.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order)

The Mother: Andenken an Kilian x Cantora Gelb

The Father: KA.2012.0238.03 (Buena Vista x Kermesina) x (Gräsers Überraschung x E.eyriesii grandiflora) aka CLAW