Cactus Seeds BS.2007.1558.1 x (Cantora x (Teshi x Apricot Glow))


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This cross brings together two hybrids which are both great in their own way. The mother is the hybrid BS.2007.1558.1 by the Breeder Ingo Barthels. The plant flowered abundantly and pushed out like 7 flowers over the whole season, of which various have opened at the same time. I was able to pollinate some of them with pollen from other parents and this is the first of the crosses that I´m making available

Trichocereus hybrid BS.2007.1558.1

The father: Cantora Gelb x (Teshi x Apricot Glow) by Uwe Kahle

The father has a huge yellow flower and is probably the nicest example of a yellow flowering hybrid that I´ve ever seen. One of the highlights of my 2019 season and over 20 cm in diameter!

Trichocereus Cantora Gelb x Teshi x Apricot Glow

15 Seeds – 4.00 Euro (Limited to one bag per order. Very few seeds available)