Cactus Seeds Echinopsis grandiflora x Jassan J.2014.23.21


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This cross only goes into the shop for the people who check the shop often. The fruit was tiny and seeds are only enough for three or maybe four bags. The mother is the classic Echinopsis grandiflora Red Star aka Buena Vista. Very good plant for intergeneric hybrids, like the father here. Father is one of the super expensive hybrids by Wladi Jassan from the whole Sunny relationship, J.2014.23.21. Bought that one on eBay when people were paying hundreds of Euro for the plants and I was really glad I could get it.

Whoever gets them PLEASE REPORT BACK. Lots of potential in this cross.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro / PNO.2022.0101 (Limited to one bag per order, only four available in total!)

Mother: Echinopsis grandiflora RED STAR / BUENA VISTA

Father: J.2014.23.21