Cactus Seeds (Flying Saucer x Cantora) x CTAG


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Seriously awesome cross, and it´s only in the shop because I decided to drop the best of the best on a regular basis for my loyal customers. The mother is a hybrid between FLYING SAUCER x CANTORA GELB, which has brought us some of the best hybrids of all time. ALLERGOLD is one such hybrid and with its over 20 cm flowers it reliably blows people on my social media accounts away. The mother in this cross has the same parentage and large 20 cm orange flowers. They are huge, like plates and always look special. The father, an Uwe Kahle hybrid from the cross KA.2012.0155.005 Cantora Gelb x (Teshi x Apricot Glow), is just as good. Large yellow flowers, 20 cm in diameter with a strong touch of Apricot Glow. So both parents have huge flowers and orange + yellow has a lot of potential to be multicolored.

Only 3 or 4 bags available. Whoever gets them PLEASE REPORT BACK!

15 Seeds – 4 Euro / PNO.2022.0106

Mother: Flying Saucer x Cantora Gelb

Father: CTAG KA.2012.0155.005 Cantora Gelb x (Teshi x Apricot Glow)