Cactus Seeds (Habari x Volta Lake) x KA.2013.257.3


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Another bonus cross for my most loyal customers. I only have a tiny fruit from the cross (HABARI x VOLTA LAKE) x KA.2013.257.3 and I decided to give it out to the community. I´d love to hear back from the lucky people who get them so I can see the flowers in the future. Both parents are top notch, and it´s sometimes frustrating I cannot raise them all. But good for my customers!

15 Seeds – 4 Euro / PNO.2022.0093 (Limited to one bag per order)

Mother: KA.2008.65.5 (Habari x Volta Lake)

Father: KA.2013.257.3 (Rosa California Echinopsis kermesina hybrid) x (Legon x RL.1469.BS9)