Cactus Seeds Hildewintera EOS Aurora x Wörlitz Cleistocactus


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This cross combines the classic Hildewintera hybrid EOS, also known as Aurora, with the famous Multihybrid Wörlitz. Hildewintera are now included in the genus Cleistocactus and grow like hanging basket plants. The EOS is a little more stable and has a very upscale and noble flower, while the Wörlitz shines through its extreme contrast. The outcome of this cross is completely open and I really see a lot of potential here. Wörlitz works great with flowers that don´t have a lot of contrast and this could produce something truly majestic.

Very limited stock. I only have a few bags for the shop, and they are limited to one bag per order and contain 20 seeds per bag.

20 Seeds – 3.50 Euro / Limited to one bag per order

The Mother: Aurora / Eos

Hildewintera Eos Aurora Cactus Seeds flower 2
Hildewintera Eos Aurora Cactus Seeds flower

The Father: Multihybrid Wörlitz

Trichocereus Wörlitz Multihybrid Gräsers Überraschung Flying Saucer Dessau

The Flower Video of this particular cross

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