Cactus Seeds KA.2006.219.2 Volta Lake/Takoradi x Spirit of Fulda


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I made another inventory of my 2022 crosses and realized I have no space for some of the crosses I have reserved for myself, which is why I am releasing them into the community now. Everything I´ll list within the next weeks is great with lots of potential. It also means I am giving these crosses into your hands, so I´d appreciate hearing back in a few years.

This one is a cross between KA.2006.219.2 Volta Lake x Takoradi (a Soehrensia bruchii x Rosa California hybrid) x Spirit of Fulda. The latter is an incredible Wörlitz hybrid released by AG Echinopsis.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro / Limited to one bag per order – PNO.2022.0125

Mother: KA.2006.219.2 Volta Lake x Takoradi