Cactus Seeds KA.2013.224.15 MASSIVE x Claw


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So here´s a cross between two of my best hybrids of the season. Mother is KA.2013.224.15 from the cross (Gröner Orange x Flying Saucer) x Makola. Flowers huge, gigantic, red. Diameter is somewhere in the 20 cm range and just looks majestic. The father is multihybrid KA.2012.0238.003 aka Claw. Super fertile and you could already see it in the ripened fruit and seeds. Wish I could grow them all out, but this needs to be in the hands of other growers too.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order) PNO.2022.0130

Mother: KA.2013.224.15 (Gröner Orange x Flying Saucer) x Makola

Father: KA.2012.0238.003 aka Claw