Cactus Seeds Mutant Two Tube Echinopsis x CLAW


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I am giving away a VERY LIMITED amount of seeds from this cross because I cannot grow them all. The mother is a multihybrid from the cross (Papagei x Paradiesvogel) x Nostalgie with a completely mutated flower and a double tube! Incredible hybrid that´s also very incredibly fertile. Unfortunately the slugs love the fruits so there are always very few seeds. The father is another multhybrid called CLAW with a similarly mutated flower and a gorgeous red. Super nice and healthy plant that throws out flowers left and right. Love this cross and will sow out some myself and the remaining few bags go to my loyal customers who check the shop regularly.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order of course) / PNO.2023.0067

Mother: (Papagei x Paradiesvogel) x Nostalgie

KA.2012.0238.003 aka Claw