Cactus Seeds Self-Fertile Orange Candy Trichocereus Gräser


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Cactus Seeds Orange Candy, a self fertile Gräser Hybrid

This is special and I am really glad I can add some of those to my shop now. ORANGE CANDY is one of the VERY FEW Trichocereus hybrids that are self-fertile and produce fruits/seeds without having to pollinate the flowers with pollen from another parent. For everyone that just wants to get a regular supply of seedlings, this might be a great chance to get something. Not only is it self-fertile, ORANGE CANDY is also a very fertile and excellent father that can also be used in crosses. Please note that the offpsring of this plant might definitely different to its mother, there´s a very high chance it´ll pass the self-fertility down to the offspring. ORANGE CANDY is also slightly ruffled, so this adds another plus to the list of reasons to grow these. OC is an Aporocandicans hybrid, similar to Gräsers Schönste.

20 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order)

Trichocereus Hybrid ORANGE CANDY Gräser

Gräser Aporocandicans ORANGE CANDY Trichocereus flower

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