Cactus Seeds (Otschina x Legon) x 20 cm Yellow


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Here´s another awesome cross that I am trusting my community with and hope to see what came from them one day. The mother is a gorgeous hybrid between OTSCHINA x LEGON. The overall flower looks a lot like FLYING SAUCER or KA-1. Gorgeous color theme and large flowers. The father is an Uwe Kahle hybrid from the cross ((Charm x Flying Saucer) x Cantora Gelb) x Paga. I got it from eBay without proper label, so not sure what number it has. It´s a 20 cm yellow flower with minimal ruffles. Top notch yellow. The mix between these two could produce multicolored flowers and that´s the goal here.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro / Limited to one bag per order / PNO.2022.0094

Mother: Otschina x Legon KA.2013.91.6

Father:  ((Charm x Flying Saucer) x Cantora Gelb) x Paga