Cactus Seeds Papagena x MH Wörlitz Trichocereus Echinopsis


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This cross brings together two amazing parents with lots and lots of potential. The Echinopsis hybrid PAPAGENA is the mother and the alltime classic multihybrid Wörlitz (involving Trichocereus, Echinopsis and Flying Saucer) make a really nice mix. Think one of the funky Wörlitz x Cantora hybrids like LISKES FEUERZAUBER or ANNETTE LISKE, but on an Echinopsis and with freak flowers. That´s the goal that I wanted to achieve with this cross. I donated most of the seeds from this cross to the AG Echinopsis workgroup and this is the rest that I will make available here exclusively. So get some and find out what this combination will come out to be. Fruits were very tiny (Echinopsis fruit size), so there are only few bags available.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order)

Mother: Echinopsis Hybrid PAPAGENA

Father: MH Wörlitz


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