Cactus Seeds RL.2009.9.KA22 x Paul Ehrlich (20 cm diameter)


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Awesome cross between a Trichocereus hybrid by Reinhard Liske and the totally crazy Gräser hybrid PAUL EHRLICH. Both are amazing parents on their own and they could bring out an insane mix here. The mother is a Cantora / Wörlitz cross with lovely orange flowers that are over 20 cm in diameter. I know this already sounds great on paper, but when you see a flower of this size in reality you are just blown away. The father is the funky hybrid PAUL EHRLICH, which is ruffled and just in a class of its own.  These seeds are only available because I got some back from my AG Echinopsis donation, so make sure to get them while you can!

Mother: RL.2009.9.KA22 (Cantora Gelb x Cantora Orange) x Wörlitz

Father: Trichocereus Paul Ehrlich



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