Cactus Seeds RUFFALLO x Flying Saucer Gräsers Schönste


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RUFFALLO is a remarkable little power house. Most Gräser hybrids flower very late, but this one flowered at like roughly 10 cm size. Very rewarding plant with lovely ruffled flowers, that have a similar shine to the flowers of PAUL EHRLICH. Definitely a lovely hybrid.

About the father I probably don´t need to tell much. It´s the alltime classic FLYING SAUCER, and it was chosen to increase the flower size in the next generation, and maybe sprinkle a few more colors into the mix as well. VERY promising cross, VERY few seeds available.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order) 

The Mother: RUFFALLO


Trichocereus hybrid FLYING SAUCER SEEDS