Cactus Seeds PNO.2020.0031 Sternschnuppe gezackt Echinopsis


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Cactus Seeds PNO.2020.0031 VR.2007.160.23 x Echinopsis ‘Sternschnuppe gezackt’

Cactus Flower Seeds, Original Cactus Jerk Cross! This cross is an intergeneric cross between  Trichocereus hybrid VR.2007.0160.0023 by Kakteen Vers and Echinopsis Sternschnuppe gezackt! It crosses a large pastel colored Trichocereus flower with a ragged Echinopsis hybrid called STERNSCHNUPPE GEZACKT. It´s very good cross with top notch parents and the outcome is unpredictable.

15 Seeds – 3.50 Euro (Limited to one bag per order)

The mother: VR.2007.0160.0023

VR.2007.0160.0023 Trichocereus

The father: Echinopsis Sternschnuppe gezackt

Echinopsis Sternschnuppe gezackt! It

Flower Videos of those flowers will be posted on the CACTUS JERK Youtube Channel at


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