Cactus Seeds T.thelegonoides/shaferi x (Cantora x (Teshi x Apricot Glow)


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This cross will most likely produce very large flowers. The mother is a botanical Trichocereus that I got labeled as Trichocereus shaferi, but it´s most likely a Trichocereus thelegonoides. The flowers were over 20 cm in diameter. The father is a hybrid between Cantora Gelb x (Legon x Apricot Glow) with amazing yellow flowers, also over 20 cm in diameter. That´s a killer cross! Very, VERY limited and I´d appreciate if the people who get these seeds will send me some pics later on.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order) – PNO.2021.0030

Mother: Trichocereus thelegonoides / Trichocereus shaferi

Father: Cantora Gelb x (Teshi x Apricot Glow)