Cactus Seeds Trichocereus CLAW x ((Wörlitz x T.candicans) x Buena Vista)


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This cross is legendary. CLAW is a new hybrid and it´s among the best I´ve ever had in my collection. It´s a completely original hybrid by Uwe Kahle, and it´s one of the nicest cactus flowers I´ve ever seen. The flowers are wildly variable and look crazy all the time. Most flowers this plant has produced were like what you´ve seen in these photos and the petals look like a clawing hand that´s gripping something. There are few cactus flowers that look even remotely like this, and the amazing red color seals the deal. So yeah, this thing is a very big deal and this is the first time I have seeds of it as a mother. Only one of Claw´s flower could be pollinated and the father is one of the best hybrids I had in 2019. The father is a hybrid between Wörlitz x (Trichocereus candicans x Buena Vista), which looks amazingly. This is the big league.

Extremely limited! 15 seeds – 5 Euro. Limited to one bag per customer and only 4 available in the shop.

The mother: CLAW

Trichocereus Claw Cactus Seeds Wörlitz Trichocereus candicans Buena Vista
Trichocereus Hybrid Claw 4
Trichocereus Hybrid Claw 3

The Father: Wörlitz x (Trichocereus candicans x Buena Vista)

Cactus Flower Trichocereus Wörlitz Candicans Buena Vista 1
Cactus Flower Trichocereus Wörlitz Candicans Buena Vista 2

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