Cactus Seeds ((Wörlitz x Cantora Gelb) x C. Orangerot) x MH Angelo


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(Wörlitz x Cantora Gelb) x multihybrid ANGELO

I made another inventory of my 2022 crosses and realized I have no space for some of the crosses I have reserved for myself, which is why I am releasing them into the community now. Everything I´ll list within the next weeks is great with lots of potential. It also means I am giving these crosses into your hands, so I´d appreciate hearing back in a few years.

Here´s a cross between a Wötora hybrid (Wörlitz x Cantora Gelb) and the small multihybrid ANGELO. The goal of the cross was to get that breathtaking goldenish eye into the Wörlitz flower, ideally with some additional contrast and colors.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro / PNO.2022.0127 (Limited to one bag per order)

Mother: (Wörlitz x Cantora Gelb) x Cantora Orangerot

Father: Multihybrid ANGELO