(Echinopsis toralapana x Aporocandicans Schigra F2) x Angelo


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So this cross is a gift for my loyal customers who check often. I actually wanted to sow this one myself, so I hope whoever gets it will report back to show what´ll grew from it. It´s a multihybrid cross with lots of different genera involved. I love this hybrids between Echinopsis toralapana and Gräser hybrids because of the unique body that comes from them. The father in this cross is also a multihybrid called ANGELO. Awesome flowers, awesome body! Small fruit.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order) – PNO.2022.0117

Mother: Echinopsis toralapana x Aporocandicans Schigra F2

Father: Multihybrid ANGELO