Falsche Feuerzauber 21 cm x CLAW


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So the mother of this cross was long distributed as LISKES FEUERZAUBER. When it eventually flowered it became clear that it was not the correct FEUERZAUBER, but the name kinda stuck. If there´s ever a new name given to this plant I will update the name. The flowers are HUGE, 21 cm and have a very nice shape. It’s A gorgeous hybrid that´s similar to INDIO MAGIC or FLYING SAUCER hybrids. The big flowers have so much potential! The father is the Uwe Kahle hybrid KA.2012.0238.003 aka Claw.

20 Seeds – 4 Euro / PNO.2022.0005

Mother: Falsche Feuerzauber (21 cm flowers)

Father: KA.2012.0238.003 aka Claw