((Gräsers Erfolg x SB) x Cantora Gelb) x FEATHERS Ragged Yellow


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Nice cross between a ruffled and a ragged/feathered flower! Both parents are absolutely amazing, every one in their own way. (GRÄSERS ERFOLG x SB) x CANTORA GELB is a Reinhard Liske hybrid, grown by Uwe Kahle and is at least as ruffled as the original GRÄSERS ERFOLG x SB. The father is a ragged Uwe Kahle hybrid between ((Super Gelb x (Martha x Herzdame)) x Dagati). The ragged flowers are probably from the Gräser hybrid SUPER GELB, which is one of the parents involved in SUPER APRICOT. But…this one is much better than SUPER APRICOT. The flowers almost look like FEATHERS.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro / PNO.2022.0008 (LIMITED TO ONE BAG PER ORDER)

Mother: ((Gräsers Erfolg x SB) x Cantora Gelb

Father: (Super Gelb x (Martha x Herzdame)) x Dagati.