KA.2013.224.15 (Gröner x FS) x Makola)) x Esmeralda TS126


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Very thrilled about this cross between a huge and a ragged flower. I own a few different sister plants from Uwe Kahle´s cross KA.2013.224.15 (Gröner Orange x Flying Saucer) x Makola and they are all well over 20 cm in diameter. And all are beautiful in their own way. The goal here was to maybe get a ragged flower with a very large diameter in the next generation, which is why I used TS126 Esmeralda as father. It´s a white/yellow Thomas Stöfer hybrid with ragged flowers. Very promising.

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Mother: KA.2013.224.15 (Gröner x FS) x Makola))

Father: TS126 Esmeralda