Seeds RL.2011.2268 (Anhalt x Cantora) x Allergold 20 cm Flowers


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This cross is one of the ones that I made in view of getting the biggest flower size possible. The mother is a Reinhard Liske hybrid from the cross RL.2011.2268 (Anhalt x Cantora) with a huge 20 cm flower when it opened here. The father is an incredible Flying Saucer x Cantora hybrid that was one of the biggest flowers I have ever seen. Like, obscenely big for a relatively small plant. I posted some photos on Facebook with my head besides it to show the dimensions and people went nuts. These will go fast, so make sure to get them while you can.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order) – PNO.2020.0119

Mother: RL2011.2268 Anhalt x Cantora Gelb

Trichocereus Probably RL.2011.2668 Anhalt Cantora Gelb a Trichocereus Probably RL.2011.2668 Anhalt Cantora Gelb

Trichocereus Hybrid ALLERGOLD (Flying Saucer x Cantora Gelb)

Trichocereus Allergold 22

Trichocereus Allergold 20200618 125131 Trichocereus Allergold 20200619 210553



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