Seeds (Takoradi x Flying Saucer) x (Wörlitz x (Gräsers Erfolg x SB))


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Cactus Seeds (Takoradi x Flying Saucer) x (Wörlitz x (Gräsers Erfolg x SB))

Absolutely spectacular cross between (Takoradi x Flying Saucer) by Uwe Kahle and a hybrid between Wörlitz x (Gräsers Erfolg x SB). The mother has a wonderful and magically looking flower and belonged to the best hybrids I´ve had during the 2020 season. The father is a Wörlitz hybrid paired with the classic ruffled GRÄSERS ERFOLG x SB, which pretty much combines two amazing types of hybrids. Wörlitz follow-up hybrids and ruffled Gräser hybrids. Everything is possible with this one.

VERY limited. 15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order)

Mother: Takoradi x Flying Saucer

Trichocereus Takoradi x Flying Saucer

The father: Wörlitz x (Gräsers Erfolg x SB)

I had missed the full opening of the flower, but it´s slightly ruffled and has a beautiful Wörlitz flower color.



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