Trichocereus ‘FLYING SAUCER’ x ruffled Gräser ‘Paul Ehrlich’


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Amazing new cross from my upcoming 2019 seedlist. It´s the first and one of my most favorite crosses of 2019, and it´s going to produce some gorgeous flowers. I paired the classic and all-time-favorite hybrid FLYING SAUCER with a ruffled Gräser follow-up hybrid called PAUL EHRLICH. The latter is one of the few Gräser hybrids that flower early on and abundantly. It´s a known problem that Gräser hybrids only flower very reluctantly and/or late, and with this plant it´s absolutely not the case.

The flowers:
The flower of FLYING SAUCER is a gorgeous 20 cm in diameter and belongs to the most beautiful flowers ever bred. The flower of PAUL EHRLICH is ruffled and has a glowing color that almost looks artificial and it´s a flower that looks like it´s coming from another world.

The Parentage:
FLYING SAUCER is a classic, but unfortunately the exact parentage is not known. It does involve some kind of Soehrensia somewhere in the mix though. The father is a follow-up hybrid of GRÄSERS SCHÖNSTE, which grew from a cross between an Aporocandicans hybrid x Schigra. Aporocandicans is an intergeneric hybrid between Aporocactus flaggeliformis and Trichocereus candicans and Schigra is a hybrid between Trichocereus schickendantzii and Echinopsis eyriesii v.grandiflora, which is known for its gracile flower.

TOP NOTCH cross from the current harvest, extremely viable and VERY RARE AND HARD TO GET.

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Trichocereus hybrid FLYING SAUCER’

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