Trichocereus huascha seeds Catamarca Echinopsis


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Trichocereus huascha seeds Catamarca Echinopsis

Trichocereus huascha seeds fresh from the current harvest! This strain is from Catamarca. Highly viable and tested!

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Trichocereus huascha is a Trichocereus species from Argentina.

There are many synonyms, such as Lobivia huascha, Helianthocereus huascha, Trichocereus huascha, Echinopsis huascha. That is just a short part of the list and there are many more. You can read the whole list of synonyms on my page about this species here: 

The differences to Trichocereus spachianus are that it doesnt get as tall and gets up to 1 meters in height. It can also pup abundantly and grow upwards like a columnar cactus or a creeper. The pups can get up five to six centimeters in diameter and usually have more than 15 ribs at a mature age. The areoles are somewhere between 1 – 1,5 centimeters apart. It has yellowish colored and needle-like spines on the areoles. Trichocereus huascha has 10 -12 spines that get right up to at least one 1.5 – 2 cm long. The colour of the flower is variable extremely; plus there exists a large number of hybrids which can be found on the open market as this species is among the ones which are used most extensively in Trichocereus hybrid culture. Trichocereus huascha is flowering from the apex. It is possible to differentiate Trichocereus huascha from plants like Trichocereus schickendantzii by the flower color (Tr. schickendantzii has white flowers and green flower buds) and the low girth. The flowers are 5 – 8 cm in diam. in fact it is each day flowering Trichocereus species that’s self-sterile also, what implies that you will need two plants to obtain Trichocereus huascha seeds! Trichocereus andalgalensis is really a yellow-flowering selection of Trichocereus huascha.

Country of origin: Trichocereus huascha originally comes from Argentina. It is widely distributed among cactus growrs and can be found almost everywhere around Catamarca & La Rioja. The plant grows at 900-2000 meters altitude.

Photo credit: Roger Kidd