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Trichocereus tarijensis / Echinopsis tarijensis

The species trichocereus tarijensis, also known as Echinopsis tarijensis or Trichocereus poco, is a columnar cactus. Today it is separated through various subspecies that all count as part of Trichoereus tarijensis. Currently valid names Echinopsis tarijensis + Echinopsis tarijensis ssp. herzogiana / Trichocereus herzogianus Echinopsis tarijensis ssp. tarijensis …

Trichocereus poco (Echinopsis tarijensis)

Trichocereus poco (Echinopsis tarijensis ssp. tarijensis) Synonyms: Trichocereus poco, Echinopsis poco, Helianthocereus poco, Trichocereus tarijensis var. poco, Trichocereus narvaecensis, Trichocereus poco var. fricianus, Trichocereus totorillanus Taxonomic Background: These days, Trichocereus poco has been moved into the species Echinopsis tarijensis, formerly known as Trichocereus tarijensis. There are minor differences …