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Book Vol. 3: The Genus Trichocereus – Patrick Noll Echinopsis

Book Vol. 3: The Genus Trichocereus – Patrick Noll Echinopsis

The Genus Trichocereus

This wonderful Trichocereus book is the result of my ongoing work as a botanist and cactus grower with focus on the genus Trichocereus. It has been a work in progress for many years and will be released in the near future. THE GENUS TRICHOCEREUS will be the last and final chapter in my Trichocereus trilogy and is going to be a one of a kind book with hundreds of photos from habitats or collections all over the world.

The book offers all the descriptions, photos and information about the genus Trichocereus and combines old knowledge with the newest DNA data to show connections between some of the lesser known Trichocereus species.

THE GENUS TRICHOCEREUS is a mammoth project that took years and years of preparation. It will be the biggest and most ambitioned project I ever made and I aim at a 2019 release date.

If you want to support this project with photos or information feel free to send me a message to EG [@] trichocereus.net. (Without the brackets).

Cover: Jason Hollinger & Neil Brougham (This is an early promo cover and the final book will almost certainly have a different cover.



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