Cactus Seeds RL.2005.40.BHB.10 x Wörlitz


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Nice cross between a Reinhard Liske hybrid from 2005 and the multihybrid Wörlitz! Classic Cantora Flower and body, paired with Wörlitz for contrast and flowers. Early flowering is to be expected.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (limited to one bag per order) – PNO.2020.0127

Mother: RL.2005.40.BHB.10 (Cantora gelb x Cantora Rotorange) x Flying Saucer

Trichocereus RL.2005.40.BHB10 20200603 100528 Trichocereus RL.2005.40.BHB10 a 20200603 100528 Trichocereus RL.2005.40.BHB10 b 20200603 100528

Father: Multihybrid Wörlitz

Trichocereus Lobivia Multihybrid Wörlitz

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