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Haageocereus seeds available

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Haageocereus seeds available

Hey guys, I have some Haageocereus seeds available.

Haageocereus seeds Photo Michael Wolf

30 seeds – 3,00 Euro

100 seeds – 8,50 Euro

500 seeds – 38 Euro

1000 seeds – 75 Euro

Photo: Michael Wolf

I guess the deeper I get into the rabbit hole, the more I appreciate the Peruvian Haageocereus species. Those members of the Trichocereeae are amazing columnar cacti that are very similar to Trichocereus. The whole genus is poorly understood, but there has be some amazing work done in the past years.

So yeah, long story short…I stocked some Haageocereus species and I am sure a lot of you will apreciate them! Most if not all Haageocereus species are CITES 2 and can be shipped as seeds into most countries. I´d also like to mention that some Haageocereus species can´t be imported to Australia because of quarantine, so please make sure to check the permitted species before ordering.

Here is the list of new Haageocereus seeds that I have in stock. Some of those names are no longer considered valid, but I stocked them under the name that I got them with.

All Haageocereus seeds are very limited and I just have enough for a few orders. All it takes is one big order and I am out of a certain species, so if you are after one don´t wait too long!


Haageocereus cantaensis n.n. RIO CHILLON, 2500 meters
Haageocereus divaricatispinus LURIN
Haageocereus amstutziae RIMAC, RIO RIMAC
Haageocereus acranthus RIO RIMAC
Haageocereus dichromus CHURIN
Haageocereus chosicaensis CHOSICA, 1200 meters
Haageocereus pseudoacranthus RIO LURIN, 1200 meters
Haageocereus aureispinus RIO CHILLON, 2000 meters
Haageocereus achaetus CHURIN, 1800 meters
Haageocereus pachystele RIO HUARA 1200 meters
Haageocereus cantaensis RIO CHILLON
Haageocereus acanthocladus RIO HUARA, 1200 meters
Haageocereus chosicensis CHOSICA
Haageocereus olowinskyanus CARACOLES, PUSACANA
Haageocereus centrispinus CASMA, 1200 meters
Haageocereus fortalezensis RIO FORTALEZA, 1300 meters

I also have some close other relatives of the genus Haageocereus. Those Loxanthocereus species are available too:

Loxanthocereus pullatus
Loxanthocereus ferroguineus
Loxanthocereus lanatus n.n. LURIN NEW
Loxanthocereus eriotrichus RIO RIMAC NEW
Loxanthocereus acanthurus MatucanaLoxanthocereus hoffmannii var. seniloides

If you want to order some, just send me an email to EG [at]! You can find other cactus seeds at