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Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA Cleistocactus Flower

Montezuma, Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA Cleistocactus Flower, - Cactus Seeds & Books!

The Hildewintera hybrid MONTEZUMA comes from breeder Klaus Rippe. It has a lovely flower with a diameter of roughly 8 cm. I enjoy breeding with it in crosses and I noted a similarity to another HWH hybrid called ANDENKEN AN FRIEDRICH RITTER. The body is a classic Hildewintera or Cleistocactus body and at a certain size it starts leaning over and grow prostrate. Personally, I love Hildewintera flowers, but I try to get a more stable and columnar body in my crosses. The goal is to get a Hildewintera flower on a Trichocereus body.

Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA Cleistocactus Flower
Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA Cleistocactus Flower 2
Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA Cleistocactus Flower 4

Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA Flower Videos

Here is another video of Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA. I already took another flower video of this one like a week ago, but this one turned out a lot nice in regards to the look of the flower. There are days when everything works perfectly and the flowers open smoothly, and that´s what happened here. Hildewintera / HWH hybrid MONTEZUMA is still pretty rare and I think mine originally came from Kakteen Vers. I tried finding out more info about the parents but nothing was available. In my opinion it is a hybrid with ANDENKEN AN FRIEDRICH RITTER though. It is difficult to keep these two apart. Hildewintera is now included in the genus Cleistocactus.

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