Echinopsis scopulicola “cordobensis” Seeds





Echinopsis scopulicola “cordobensis” Seeds

Only one bag per order / 30 Seeds – 3.50  


Trichocereus cordobensis Seeds

Echinopsis scopulicola “cordobensis” is a very rare form of Echinopsis scopulicola, that is only available every now and then and I am really happy about being able to offer some seeds of it in my shop. This seed is TOP NOTCH QUALITY, was harvested in 2017 and has an amazing germination rate. This seed was professionally cleaned and grown by a very experienced grower, that is also very beautiful. 😉 Just kidding, he´s not but I am still EXTREMELY thankful for him to make this rare seed available to some more people. This was the first time that I saw seeds of this plant being available on the open market and I am very sure it won´t be available for long.

I have a limited amount of seeds available right now and if it´s gone, I don´t know if I will get some of it again.

Well, there´s not much else to say. This cross is an open pollinated cross with an unknown parent and at the time of the pollination, there were some really cool plants flowering that may or may not be the father.