New Book: TRICHOCEREUS Vol. 2 Echinopsis Cactus Cacti


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Echinopsis Cactus Cacti


Hey guys! My name is Patrick Noll and I am the author of the book TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 1 which we successfully financed through Indiegogo in 2016. Because of the incredible support of our community we were able to surpass all expectations BY FAR and delivered a wonderful hardcover book that is now in the hands of hundreds of happy owners! And now we´re back with the second volume on rare Trichocereus hybrids and clones. The title is TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 2: SAN PEDRO HYBRIDS

You can get the book including all kinds of extras on Indiegogo. The order campaign will run between January and March and the books! Get yourself a copy. We only print a very limited edition of books and merchandise.

You can preorder this book for a heavily discounted price now. Send an email to to claim a copy for the discounted price.

TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 2:SAN PEDRO HYBRIDS will be a coffee table sized book (A4) with countless photos and descriptions of Trichocereus hybrids, clones and cultivars from all over the world. It contains hundreds of unique photos and information on a large number of Trichocereus clones, hybrids and cultivars.

The Book Highlights

  • All books are extremely limited, hand numbered and personally signed by the author. It´s our way of expressing our gratitude towards our supporters and every single book will be signed.
  • Extra large A4 coffee table type book with hundreds of photos
  • All color pages. This isn´t one of the books that is mostly black and white and only has a few color pics in the back. Pretty much all pages are in color and most of them have photos.
  • Written in English, Self Published and not available in book stores.
  • Hardcover edition.
  • Thread stitching.
  • Featuring some incredible and never before published hybrids that will blow every Trichocereus Fan away.
  • There is also a special edition that comes with an alternate cover and tons of additional stuff that was only produced for this campaign.
  • SAN PEDRO HYBRIDS portrays crosses between Trichocereus pachanoi and other species, some of which resulted in completely unique and never before seen hybrids.
  • This book also shows hybrids that are the result of intergeneric crosses between Trichocereus and more distant genera like Pseudolobivia or some of the clumping Echinopsis.
  • SAN PEDRO HYBRIDS is a unique and one-of-a-kind book that could only be made because the author dedicated his life studying the genus Trichocereus while chasing around rare plants all over the world.  Almost all of the known and highly respected Trichocereus breeders contributed photos and knowledge for this book, which is why there is an incredible range of hybrids to be seen here.
  • Contains crosses or clones involving Trichocereus pachanoi, Trichocereus peruvianus, Trichocereus cuzcoensis, Trichocereus terscheckii, Trichocereus bridgesii, Trichocereus validus, Trichocereus chalaensis, Trichocereus werdermannianus and many more. Including photos of the rare hybrids like the SAARLAND, SAARWELLE, LEICHTE FEDER, AMUN-RE and the new line of ZELLY hybrids.


Our campaign will end on March 1st. It will take a good couple weeks until Indiegogo will pass the funds on to me after the end of the campaign. As soon as that happened I will book another editor to work on the book for 2-3 weeks. At the same time, I´ll bring in another designer to do certain design tasks such as the final special edition cover. It always takes time to get a book to print and I expect that we´ll be printing in May. After the books are printed it will take 2 months for the books to arrive at my door step. They´ll come by boat, so shipping takes a while.
As soon as I got the books here I will unload the crates, check the quality of the books and start preparing the shipping of the books. Shipping so many books at once probably takes 3-6 weeks and I expect the shipping to begin around July. The date is not set in stone, but this book is already pretty much done and I don´t expect many delays somewhere along the road. It´s incredibly important to me that I send out a top notch product and I don´t want to bring a rushed book just to save a week or two. In the end, everyone will have a beautiful book and I swear it´ll be well worth the wait.

Some other perks like shirts, postcard set and posters will ship around April/May. If you get one of the box sets that contains both the book and the other perks, we will ship everything together to reduce shipping costs. If you wish to get separate shipping (eg the Postcards in April and the Book in July) please send me an email to and I´ll let you know the additional shipping costs.

Cover Version A (Regular Edition, 800 books printed) Final Cover can vary slightly because we´re still working on it. 

Cover Version B (Limited Edition, Only 200 books printed) Final Cover can vary slightly because we´re still working on it. 

The Perks

– For 20 Euro you get the limited, signed and numbered Postcard Set 


– For 30 Euro you get one of our limited shirts made for this campaign

– For 65 Euro you get a signed, numbered and stamped hardcover book from the regular edit. You get a number between 1 – 999 Regular Edition Print Run (First come, first served).


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– For 125 Euro you get the special edition of the booka shirt of your choice and the limited postcard set.

– For 135 Euro you get the book bundle consisting of both Trichocereus books in the hardcover edition. THE SAN PEDRO GROUP  (Price 88 Euro) + SAN PEDRO HYBRIDS(Reduced price, Regular Edition).

– For 225 Euro you get the complete collection of our shirts, consisting of all eight shirts specially made for the campaign.


– For 250 Euro you get the small SAN PEDRO HYBRIDS resale package consisting of a box of 5 copies of the new SAN PEDRO HYBRIDS book

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