is the biggest source of information about the genus Trichocereus. We offer articles, information and Trichocereus seeds as well as Echinopsis seeds 

Trichocereus seeds / Echinopsis seeds

  • T. pasacana
  • T. terscheckii
  • T. werdermannianus
  • T. escayachensis
  • T. purpureopilosus
  • T. candicans
  • T. glaucus
  • T. fulvilanus
  • T. deserticolus
  • T. validus
  • T. scopulicola / scopulicolus
  • T. pasacana
  • Tr. atacamensis
  • Tr. tunariensis
  • Tr. cephalomacrostibas
  • Tr. cuzcoensis
  • Tr. schoenii

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Trichocereus books / Echinopsis books cactus books

We also publish our our self-published Echinopsis books. Everything we do is extremely limited, self-published and only available in tiny print runs. So far, all our books are beautiful A4 hardcover books with lots of all color pages. If you want to learn how to identify the genus Trichocereus, these books are the way to go.

Trichocereus books Echinopsis books Cactus books and Trichocereus seeds

Trichocereus Shirts / Cactus Shirts

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Trichocereus shirts Cactus shirts Tshirt sweatshirt clothes

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