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Trichocereus Crowdfunding Success!!

, Trichocereus Crowdfunding Success!!, - Cactus Seeds & Books!

Trichocereus Crowdfunding Success!!

Trichocereus San Pedro Group

Hi guys, it´s been one month since I started the crowdfunding campaign for my book TRICHOCEREUS: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP and it´s been a wild success! Though there is still one month to go, the campaign already reached more than 80% on Indiegogo…and I wanted to thank you all for that! I draw my hat to everyone who bought a book, donated or shared the link in his Facebook profile. Thank you all for making the past month one of the best months in my life!

With that said, the campaign has not officially reached the goal of 10.000 Euro yet, so please check out our campaign on Indiegogo and buy a copy of this extremely limited book! Also feel free to share our link with your friends!


There is also a hardcover Connoisseur edition that is made using the thread stitching technique to make sure your book looks amazing. But don´t get me wrong; the standard edition of my book has a great quality as well. I made sure of that and the whole book will be FULL COLOR. I actually wanted to stop at 300 pages because the costs are substantial, but I just want to make the best book possible and now you will get a book that has 350 – 400 pages!

Let me just give you some info on the content. The whole book is NOT a cheap attempt to grab some money, but a really professional collection of original descriptions and photos showing rare Trichocereus species in their natural habitats. Almost all photos show adult plants in nature, including extremely detailed flower pics and comparisons.
It contains all the rare species that were originally described and fills that up with detailed information about the situation and the climate in the habitats and shows how to tell those rare species apart.

There are never before seen photos from all kinds of South America Field Trips, including photos of Trichocereus santaensis, Trichocereus knuthianus, Trichocereus schoenii, Trichocereus bridgesii, Trichocereus cuzcoensis  and so many more.
There are separate chapters of historic sites like Chavin De Huantar, the Isla Del Sol, Cusco and many other places that are known for their breathtaking Trichocereus populations. It also has separate chapters about the San Pedro cactus in Bolivia, Chile and its original type locality in Ecuador.

So long story short, this book is serious business and a good read! It´s about nothing but botanic and taxonomic facts and does NOT contain anything about borderline legal stuff like cactus ingestion and stuff like that. I want you to know that this is not a book that you need to hide on your bookshelf.

TRICHOCEREUS: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP is available exclusively through this campaign and is only available in a very limited crowdfunding edition. This is NOT a risky crowdfunding campaign and this book WILL BE PUBLISHED. Don´t miss out on it, because you will absolutely love this book and regret it if you don´t get yourself a copy. There only are about 400 books available through the campaign and almost half of them are already sold out! This campaign goes into its final month and I guess you could call it a mid season Finale. I know that it´s not exactly cheap, but all the money goes directly into the quality of the printing and is not made to grab some cash.

So yeah, get it while you still can! Let´s get this baby printed!