Trichocereus poco seeds Tarijensis


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Trichocereus poco seeds Tarijensis

It´s rare to come by some Trichocereus poco seeds and this year it´s the first time I have them in stock!

Trichocereus poco seeds
Photo: PRIER

30 seeds – 3,50 Euro

100 seeds – 10,00 Euro (just add 3 bags to your cart and the price is automatically discounted)

500 seeds – 38,00 Euro (just add 16 bags to your cart and the price is automatically discounted)

1000 seeds – 68,00 Euro (just add 33 bags to your cart and the price is automatically discounted)

This plant was originally called Trichocereus poco, Echinopsis poco or Helianthocereus poco. It´s a close relative of Trichocereus tarijensis and it is considered to be synonymous with it. There are differences but they are so tiny that I feel like this plant belongs very well into the context of Trichocereus tarijensis. They are amazing plants with beautiful flowers and extra long spines.

Those Trichocereus poco seeds are extremely fresh and from late 2015´s seed. The germination rate is great and tested and I am happy that I can offer them here in my shop. Since I got it, I already sold more than 30 packs and my stock is running out fast! Get them as long as they are in. I dont stock huge quantities and always want to sell my stuff as long as it´s fresh as the spring!

If you want to learn more about this species, have a look at my description page of this species here:

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