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Unpacking Video: Greenhouse Heater Digital Thermostat Bio Green Palma

Cactus Greenhouse Heater Bio Green Palma Heizgerät Thermostat

In this unpacking video I show you what kind of greenhouse heaters I am using, and how to control them using a digital thermostat. I got this one very cheap through eBay and it´s the third one from this manufacturer that I own. The manufacturer is called BIO GREEN and this model is called PALMA. The digital thermostats I use are called THERMO 1 and THERMO 2. With these, you can set a minimum temperature where the heater kicks in during the cold winter months, which keeps your plants from freezing to death. In my greenhouse I´ve set the temperatures at 0° Celsius and almost all my plants do very well with it. The digital thermostat saves you a lot of money because it keeps your heater from running and blowing electricity all the time and only kicks in when it´s necessary.