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I love freaky Echinopsis and Trichocereus flowers. Ragged, Ruffled, Mutant, you name it. This one here is a ragged Echinopsis hybrid called STERNSCHNUPPE GEZACKT and I love using it as father in my crosses. It´s a bit genetically messed up, so it´s hard to get seeds from it as mother. Not impossible, but very difficult. I had to graft a stigma from another plant to get some seeds. Talking about having to go the extra mile.

I think the breeder of this gorgeous plant is Thomas Stöfer.


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Lobivia Hybrid BORN TO BE WILD

The sun was lethal today. Some top notch flowers were opening up, so I couldn’t do my work at night when the sun isn’t so aggressive anymore. So I sat there hours in the most vicious sun I’ve experienced this year and pollinated my flowers like a trooper. Here they are. 😊✌ Lobivia hybrid BORN TO BE WILD.

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Hildewintera ‘Humkes Röschen’ Cleistocactus

Hildewintera Hybrid HUMKES RÖSCHEN (translates to Humke´s Rosie) is one of the hybrids that flowers all season long. I´ve had at least 50 flowers on a very little plant during this season, and quite a lot of them took and produced viable seeds. It´s a great and very useful hybrid. In this video I pollinated it with Lobivia/Trichocereus hybrid ALTENA.


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Lobivia densispina ‘STERN VON HEMSBACH’

STERN VON HEMSBACH is a fantastic Lobivia densispina hybrid with bizarre looking freak-flowers. The flower mutation looks very much unlike the flowers of Lobivia densispina usually look like and I´ve been using it in a few crosses this season.


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My Grandpa in Law passed Away!

Here´s a video that I filmed a couple years ago when my wife’s grandfather passed away. He was very old, but he was a really special guy and as someone who lost both of his grandfathers very early on, I liked having someone from this older generation around to tell me barely funny jokes. I try to be very open about the things going on in my life, and this was one of the sadder moments.

While doing this, I pollinate a Wörlitz follow-up hybrid by Uwe Kahle. His breeder´s code for this cross is KA.2013.205.06 and the parents are Wörlitz x (Gröner Orange x Legon). The flower has a very strong contrast, which doesn’t even show accordingly in the video because it’s just too powerful.

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Takoradi x Flying Saucer Trichocereus Cactus Jerk S1E421

This hybrid comes from an Uwe Kahle cross from 2012. The breeder´s code is KA.2012.61.09 and the parents are Takoradi x Flying Saucer. Both are excellent parents and most seedlings from this cross that I have seen looked great. Definitely a gorgeous hybrid and I´ve been making lots of crosses with this particular plant.

Takoradi x Flying Saucer Video

Takoradi x Flying Saucer Photos

Trichocereus Takoradi x Flying Saucer
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Lobivia Hybrid BLAZE aka BLAZA

Lobivia hybrid BLAZE is probably one of the most popular and best Lobivia hybrids out there. The parents of BLAZE are unknown, but I personally think that it is involving a Lobivia winteriana. The flowers are relatively small but absolutely beautiful. BLAZE is also called BLAZA, but I think that´s probably due to a typo.

Lobivia BLAZE Photos

Lobivia BLAZE aka Blaza Flowers
Lobivia BLAZE aka Blaza Flowers 2
Lobivia BLAZE aka Blaza Flowers 3

Lobivia BLAZE Videos

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Lobivia DESSAU by Hartmut Kellner Cactus Jerk S1E418 Echinopsis calliantholilacina

Lobivia hybrid DESSAU is a true classic and responsible for a strong increase in hybrid quality afterwards. The breeder is Hartmut Kellner and the parents are Lobivia hertrichiana x Echinopsis calliantholilacina. The latter is a regional form of Echinopsis obrepanda that was collected by Friedrich Ritter and you can recognize the influence of Echinopsis obrepanda in the flower. It is one of the parents of another classic called WÖRLITZ and it is an excellent parent for Lobivia, Echinopsis and Trichocereus. The flower is known to add lots of contrast to most crosses it has been used in, which is why it´s often a great parent for fainter colored flowers. The best results have been produced with a faint yellow.

Lobivia ‘Dessau’ Cactus Flower Video

Lobivia ‘DESSAU’ Photos

Cactus Lobivia DESSAU by Hartmut Kellner Cactus Jerk S1E418 Echinopsis calliantholilacina
Cactus Lobivia DESSAU by Hartmut Kellner Cactus Jerk S1E418 Echinopsis calliantholilacina 2
Cactus Lobivia DESSAU by Hartmut Kellner Cactus Jerk S1E418 Echinopsis calliantholilacina 4

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Trichocereus Flying Saucer x (Cantora Gelb x Cantora Orange) RL.2005.29

This Reinhard Liske hybrid from 2005 has a huge orange flower and really blew me away a bit. I already knew that the flower would be pretty awesome, but when you see a 20 cm+ flower opening in front of you it´s always a spectacle. The parents are Flying Saucer x (Cantora Gelb x Cantora Orange). It´s very close to Cantora Orange and as far as I am concerned this is an improved version of it. The breeder´s code is RL.2005.29

Cactus Flower Video Flying Saucer x (Cantora Gelb x Cantora Orange) RL.2005.29

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Trichocereus grandigonus x Trichocereus vatteri Orange.CHR1

Trichocereus Hybrid GRANDIGONUS (Trichocereus thelegonus x Echinopsis eyriesii v.grandiflora) x Trichocereus vatteri Orange. There are numerous clones from this Heise cross, and the flower color varies substantially. This one is clone CHR.1 and it was the one that I personally liked the most.

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