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LISKES FEUERZAUBER (Wörlitz x Cantora Gelb) by Reinhard Liske

This one is an absolute favorite of mine, and I was lucky enough to finally have one flowering here. When I got into cactus breeding I didn´t really have a lot of famous clones, simply because I wanted to avoid asking for favors. So I actually bought this one for like 50-100 bucks at some point, and it took forever to get it to flowering size. I know I could have gotten one for free, but everything you get for free comes with baggage. So yeah, Liskes Feuerzauber finally flowering for me. This video was recorded in the 2020 season and it has since flowered very often again. The name of the hybrid in the video is LISKES FEUERZAUBER and it grew from a WÖRLITZ x CANTORA GELB cross, breeder Reinhard Liske.

Photos of Trichocereus LISKES FEUERZAUBER