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So this one is a very old Gräser hybrid called APOROCANDICANS SCHIGRA F2. I think the breeder is Gräser himself, but I am far from certain. The parents are an Aporocandicans hybrid (Aporocactus flagelliformis x Trichocereus candicans) x Schigra (Schickendantzii x Echinopsis eyriesii v. grandiflora) and this is an F2 hybrid from that cross. The flowers are beautifully ruffled and have a similar color to other Gäser hybrids like GRÄSERS SCHÖNSTE or GRÄSERS ERFOLG. The flowers open a bit reluctantly, which is what I haven’t really gotten perfect photos of it yet. Hope to change that in the next season.



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AW 18/2000 Pseudolobivia / Echinopsis Hybrid

This one is a fantastic Pseudolobivia (now treated as Echinopsis) hybrid by Andreas Wessner called 18a/2000. The flowers have these nice pink stripes in center of the petals. Very nice and also a great parent in hybrid crosses.

Since Andreas Wessner does often not publish the parents of his crosses, I do not know which parents are involved here. Very clearly, one of them must be an Echinopsis obrepanda like hybrid and that one came very strongly in the body. It’s a classic Pseudolobivia like body (now included in Echinopsis and this one would probably count as Echinopsis obrepanda hybrid, simply based on the body). I also have offspring of it that ended up being world class, so this is a really good hybrid.

Photos of 18a/2000 Pseudolobivia / Echinopsis

Video of AW 18a/2000 Pseudolobivia / Echinopsis

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So this Echinopsis hybrid is a total classic. The breeder is Axel Neumann, and the parents are PAPAGENO x Frühlingssonne. The complete cross number is AN.2006.32.MXL.1. The flowers are very unusual and have a diameter of roughly 12 cm, yellow. In the video I mentioned that the mother is PAPAGENA, but it´s obviously PAPAGENO. 😉

Photo Gallery of ECHINOPSIS hybrid PAPAGENA

Video of Echinopsis Hybrid PAPAGENA aka GELBER PAPAGENO AN.2006.32.MXL.1

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Lobivia densispina Hybrid / Echinopsis densispina

Here´s another video from my 2020, while I was really sick and trying to get myself together to pollinate all the flowers that opened up simultaneously. It was just too much to do for one person, and I was feeling terrible too. The good thing is I still pulled through and filmed some really nice stuff. This one here is a Lobivia densispina hybrid.

Lobivia densispina hybrid Video

Some of the sisters of this hybrid

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MEX Lobivia X Echinopsis PAPAGENO Hybrid

So here´s another video from the 2020 season, while I was in the middle of a giant flower flush. The main hybrid in the video is a MEX hybrid between a Lobivia and the Echinopsis hybrid PAPAGENO. Lovely flower, and hopefully a great parent!

Both body and flower are very similar to Lobivia amblayensis, and I really like making crosses with this plant. I haven’t seen the offspring yet, but will update this page with photos later on.

Pollination Video Lobivia x Echinopsis Papagena

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Cactus Multihybrid (Goldrose x Duett x Dagati) KA.2010.255.05

Goldrose x Duett x Dagati KA.2010.255.05

This one is a fabulous intergeneric multihybrid involving THREE different genera. And the flower is great too, with the yellow throat and the white petals. KA.2010.255.5 (Goldrose x Duett) x Dagati.

Hybrids with such a yellow throat are really sought after and I was really happy to get it from the breeder Uwe Kahle. It’s one of his hybrids between Echinopsis hybrid (GOLDROSE x Lobivia multihybrid DUETT) x Dagati.

Photos KA.2010.255.5 (Goldrose x Duett) x Dagati

Goldrose x Duett  x Dagati KA.2010.255.05
Goldrose x Duett  x Dagati KA.2010.255.05

Video: (Goldrose x Duett) x Dagati KA.2010.255.05

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I love freaky Echinopsis and Trichocereus flowers. Ragged, Ruffled, Mutant, you name it. This one here is a ragged Echinopsis hybrid called STERNSCHNUPPE GEZACKT and I love using it as father in my crosses. It´s a bit genetically messed up, so it´s hard to get seeds from it as mother. Not impossible, but very difficult. I had to graft a stigma from another plant to get some seeds. Talking about having to go the extra mile.

I think the breeder of this gorgeous plant is Thomas Stöfer.