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AW 18/2000 Pseudolobivia / Echinopsis Hybrid

This one is a fantastic Pseudolobivia (now treated as Echinopsis) hybrid by Andreas Wessner called 18a/2000. The flowers have these nice pink stripes in center of the petals. Very nice and also a great parent in hybrid crosses.

Since Andreas Wessner does often not publish the parents of his crosses, I do not know which parents are involved here. Very clearly, one of them must be an Echinopsis obrepanda like hybrid and that one came very strongly in the body. It’s a classic Pseudolobivia like body (now included in Echinopsis and this one would probably count as Echinopsis obrepanda hybrid, simply based on the body). I also have offspring of it that ended up being world class, so this is a really good hybrid.

Photos of 18a/2000 Pseudolobivia / Echinopsis

Video of AW 18a/2000 Pseudolobivia / Echinopsis

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Lobivia densispina Hybrid / Echinopsis densispina

Here´s another video from my 2020, while I was really sick and trying to get myself together to pollinate all the flowers that opened up simultaneously. It was just too much to do for one person, and I was feeling terrible too. The good thing is I still pulled through and filmed some really nice stuff. This one here is a Lobivia densispina hybrid.

Lobivia densispina hybrid Video

Some of the sisters of this hybrid

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MEX Lobivia X Echinopsis PAPAGENO Hybrid

So here´s another video from the 2020 season, while I was in the middle of a giant flower flush. The main hybrid in the video is a MEX hybrid between a Lobivia and the Echinopsis hybrid PAPAGENO. Lovely flower, and hopefully a great parent!

Both body and flower are very similar to Lobivia amblayensis, and I really like making crosses with this plant. I haven’t seen the offspring yet, but will update this page with photos later on.

Pollination Video Lobivia x Echinopsis Papagena

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Cactus Multihybrid (Goldrose x Duett x Dagati) KA.2010.255.05

Goldrose x Duett x Dagati KA.2010.255.05

This one is a fabulous intergeneric multihybrid involving THREE different genera. And the flower is great too, with the yellow throat and the white petals. KA.2010.255.5 (Goldrose x Duett) x Dagati.

Hybrids with such a yellow throat are really sought after and I was really happy to get it from the breeder Uwe Kahle. It’s one of his hybrids between Echinopsis hybrid (GOLDROSE x Lobivia multihybrid DUETT) x Dagati.

Photos KA.2010.255.5 (Goldrose x Duett) x Dagati

Goldrose x Duett  x Dagati KA.2010.255.05
Goldrose x Duett  x Dagati KA.2010.255.05

Video: (Goldrose x Duett) x Dagati KA.2010.255.05

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So this one is a really good Lobivia hybrid called EASTER PARADE. It’s often attributed to Bob Schick, but it is not from him and the breeder is actually Zelenak in the USA. The flowers always cause lots of reactions under my posts on social media, and they look very impressive on photos and videos. They are very small, but that´s normal for most Lobivia hybrids and this one here is way up on the list of the best Lobivia hybrids ever. The flower just looks like it´s glowing, similar to Apricot Glow.

Easter Parade is an American Lobivia hybrid that is still one of the best ones in the last 20 years. The flowers are absolutely beautiful, have a nice shape and almost look like they are glowing. Great plant that everyone should have in their collection.


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Lobivia densispina ‘STERN VON HEMSBACH’

STERN VON HEMSBACH is a fantastic Lobivia densispina hybrid with bizarre looking freak-flowers. The flower mutation looks very much unlike the flowers of Lobivia densispina usually look like and I´ve been using it in a few crosses this season.


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Lobivia Hybrid BLAZE aka BLAZA

Lobivia hybrid BLAZE is probably one of the most popular and best Lobivia hybrids out there. The parents of BLAZE are unknown, but I personally think that it is involving a Lobivia winteriana. The flowers are relatively small but absolutely beautiful. BLAZE is also called BLAZA, but I think that´s probably due to a typo.

Lobivia BLAZE Photos

Lobivia BLAZE aka Blaza Flowers
Lobivia BLAZE aka Blaza Flowers 2
Lobivia BLAZE aka Blaza Flowers 3

Lobivia BLAZE Videos

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Lobivia DESSAU by Hartmut Kellner Cactus Jerk S1E418 Echinopsis calliantholilacina

Lobivia hybrid DESSAU is a true classic and responsible for a strong increase in hybrid quality afterwards. The breeder is Hartmut Kellner and the parents are Lobivia hertrichiana x Echinopsis calliantholilacina. The latter is a regional form of Echinopsis obrepanda that was collected by Friedrich Ritter and you can recognize the influence of Echinopsis obrepanda in the flower. It is one of the parents of another classic called WÖRLITZ and it is an excellent parent for Lobivia, Echinopsis and Trichocereus. The flower is known to add lots of contrast to most crosses it has been used in, which is why it´s often a great parent for fainter colored flowers. The best results have been produced with a faint yellow.

Lobivia ‘Dessau’ Cactus Flower Video

Lobivia ‘DESSAU’ Photos

Cactus Lobivia DESSAU by Hartmut Kellner Cactus Jerk S1E418 Echinopsis calliantholilacina
Cactus Lobivia DESSAU by Hartmut Kellner Cactus Jerk S1E418 Echinopsis calliantholilacina 2
Cactus Lobivia DESSAU by Hartmut Kellner Cactus Jerk S1E418 Echinopsis calliantholilacina 4

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Lobivia densispina Hybrids

This plant is a sister of the Lobivia densispina hybrid MOONPIE and it´s wonderfully beautiful. All of the sisters from this cross have remarkable flowers that deserve to be shown. I am propagating all of the hybrids from this batch and I am also making numerous crosses with it every year.

Lobivia densispina Hybrid Flowers
Lobivia densispina Hybrid Flowers 2

Lobivia densispina Hybrid Flower Video

More photos of this hybrid will be posted in my Patreon at

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