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Category: Lobivia Hybrids and Species

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Lobivia hybrid STERN VON HEMSBACH is a freak version of a Lobivia densispina and is famous for the crazy and wax-like flowers. In this video we are attempting to get some offspring with a similar mutation. STERN VON HEMSBACH Video


Lobivia Hybrid BORN TO BE WILD is one of the best hybrids I’ve ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous flowers and lots of them. Very healthy genetics.

Lobivia densispina ‘STERN VON HEMSBACH’

STERN VON HEMSBACH is a fantastic Lobivia densispina hybrid with bizarre looking freak-flowers. The flower mutation looks very much unlike the flowers of Lobivia densispina usually look like and I´ve been using it in a few crosses this season. Video STERN VON HEMSBACH Lobivia

Lobivia Hybrid BLAZE aka BLAZA

Lobivia hybrid BLAZE is probably one of the most popular and best Lobivia hybrids out there. The parents of BLAZE are unknown, but I personally think that it is involving a Lobivia winteriana. The flowers are relatively small but absolutely beautiful. BLAZE is also called BLAZA, but I …

Lobivia densispina Hybrids

This plant is a sister of the Lobivia densispina hybrid MOONPIE and it´s wonderfully beautiful. All of the sisters from this cross have remarkable flowers that deserve to be shown. I am propagating all of the hybrids from this batch and I am also making numerous crosses with …