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The Genus Lophophora, Book: THE GENUS LOPHOPHORA, - Cactus Seeds & Books!

The book THE GENUS LOPHOPHORA contains hundreds of photos and original descriptions of all species related to Lophophora williamsii. The book includes fascinating photos that show these wonderful plants in habitat or in collections from all over the world and helps you to identify them on sight.

Release Date: The work for this book is in progress and a release date will be added as soon as the editing is done. THE GENUS LOPHOPHORA will be a oversize DIN A4 hardcover book made with love and all books are signed, limited to 999 books and numbered by hand. The overall page count will be 250 – 300 all color pages. The book is certainly written in English.

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UPDATE 2021: Due to the fact that American crowdfunding services hate this genus like the plague, we will delay the release date until we found another publisher that helps with the funding. Funding this book through a crowdfunding service would NOT work since they would just shut it down. Sad but that´s the future that these guys are building. This book WILL be released, but no idea when.

The Genus Lophophora, Book: THE GENUS LOPHOPHORA, - Cactus Seeds & Books!

Photo Credit: Armante Darmanin, Dornenwolf, CT Johannson & Coastapppr
This is an early version of the cover and it´s likely that it will change or be published with some  completely different cover photos. If you want to donate photos for this book, please send a message to kontakt[@]