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TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 1 books in stock! Taking orders now!

Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis books cactus books 4

Hi guys, the books have finally arrived! I am glad to announce that the sale of my book TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 1: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP has officially started and I am taking orders now. You can order the books here:

It will take a few weeks until all preordered books are shipped, but I am already working on the roll-out and it should n´t take much longer than 3-4 weeks.

The books look excellent and will blow you away. There are 400 all color pages with hundreds of photos, descriptions and information on 20 different Trichocereus species . It is a gigantic A4 hardcover book and it comes with a whole lot of nice Trichocereus and cactus related flyers and extras. Due to the fact that this book is a self-published independent release, the printing costs were excessive. That´s why the price of the books is 88 Euro + 15 Euro shipping costs. It sounds high at first, but it would not have been possible to print a book of this size for much lower without going broke.
All books are limited to 999, numbered and signed. Half of the books are already sold through the Crowdfunding and the preorders, so if you want a copy it´s best to get one soon as I will start listing the book on eBay and Amazon sometime soon.

Worldwide Shipping, no problemo. The delivery time for the books is 3-6 weeks depending on how fast I can roll out the books that are already ordered. I will ship the books on a first come, first served basis but I´ll make sure everybody gets his book.  

If you want to order a book, you can order it through EG[@] It will also be available in my shop as soon as I had the time to take a few good product photos. I just finished unloading the books and it´ll probably take a week until I can walk normally again and it´s officially in the shop.

However you can certainly get a copy sooner if you send me an email. After getting your order and email address, I will send you a Paypal invoice, will put a copy aside for you and add it to the shipping list. I´ll work my way through this list until the very last book is shipped. Depending on how fast I can get them all out, it might take between 3-6 weeks until the books are starting to arrive.

Trichocereus book Echinopsis books cactus books
Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis books cactus books
Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis books cactus books 2