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Cactus Flowers and Arguments

So this was me during the 2020 season when I was just trying to pollinate like a hundred plants at once, in the middle of massive rain and my parents arguing in between. lol . I ended up pollinating most of it and my parents have made peace again too. Life isn’t easy for them sometimes, so I totally understand.

This was one of the biggest flower flushes that I ever had by far. Lots of flowers opening and it all had to be done and pollinated inside the small greenhouse, due to the massive rainfalls that day. If you pollinate in the rain it ends up completely messing up your pollen and I hate doing that. When I see one of the flowers being completely wet the pollination is often finished right away. It´s almost impossible to collect pollen when the plants are wet and pollination is more difficult too. Not impossible, but everything you put on the stigma will be washed off again VERY FAST!

Cactus Flowers and Arguments Video