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So this one is a very old Gräser hybrid called APOROCANDICANS SCHIGRA F2. I think the breeder is Gräser himself, but I am far from certain. The parents are an Aporocandicans hybrid (Aporocactus flagelliformis x Trichocereus candicans) x Schigra (Schickendantzii x Echinopsis eyriesii v. grandiflora) and this is an F2 hybrid from that cross. The flowers are beautifully ruffled and have a similar color to other Gäser hybrids like GRÄSERS SCHÖNSTE or GRÄSERS ERFOLG. The flowers open a bit reluctantly, which is what I haven’t really gotten perfect photos of it yet. Hope to change that in the next season.



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MASSIVE Wall of Cactus Flowers!!!

While it was really stressful to film the 2020 season shown here in this video, it was very well worth it judging by the amazing clips I filmed! This was one of the first and biggest flower flushes in 2020, and it rained so badly that I had to pollinate them all inside my greenhouse. I also had my parents arguing and calling me to complain about each other. Definitely not an optimal situation but I made the best out of it! Hope you enjoy it!

Video of my wall of Cactus Flowers

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Takoradi x Flying Saucer

So this one is an Uwe Kahle between Takoradi x Flying Saucer. It´s an older video and I have since learned that Takoradi is a hybrid between Soehrensia bruchii x Rosa California. The father of the plant in the video is Flying Saucer and the offspring is remarkably awesome. I own three plants from this cross and all are good in their own way.

Video: Takoradi x Flying Saucer

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Cactus Flowers and Arguments

So this was me during the 2020 season when I was just trying to pollinate like a hundred plants at once, in the middle of massive rain and my parents arguing in between. lol . I ended up pollinating most of it and my parents have made peace again too. Life isn’t easy for them sometimes, so I totally understand.

This was one of the biggest flower flushes that I ever had by far. Lots of flowers opening and it all had to be done and pollinated inside the small greenhouse, due to the massive rainfalls that day. If you pollinate in the rain it ends up completely messing up your pollen and I hate doing that. When I see one of the flowers being completely wet the pollination is often finished right away. It´s almost impossible to collect pollen when the plants are wet and pollination is more difficult too. Not impossible, but everything you put on the stigma will be washed off again VERY FAST!

Cactus Flowers and Arguments Video

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So this classic hybrid called ORANGE CALIFORNIA belongs to a group of hybrids often referred to as California hybrids. The breeder is Hans Britsch and the parents are Soehrensia x Trichocereus schickendantzii. ORANGE CALIFORNIA is a sister of the even more famous hybrid FLYING SAUCER, which is very similar, but has even better flowers. So far I’ve only seen flowers on ORANGE CALIFORNIA once or twice, so it’s always a great sight to see the flowers. One of the pollinations succeeded too!

Photos of Trichocereus ORANGE CALIFORNIA

Video of Trichocereus ORANGE CALIFORNIA

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SUPER APRICOT (Apricot x SUPER GELB) by Anton Maas

So this one is an oldschool classic hybrid by Anton Maas called SUPER APRICOT. Known and famous for the ragged flowers and the glowing nice flower color. It´s from a cross between an Echinopsis hybrid called APRICOT and Gräsers SUPER GELB Genetically, a total mess, but with the right parents it can still produce some decent offspring. Very often, the offspring doesn´t carry the ragged flower mutation, but sometimes it does.

Trichocereus SUPER GELB Photos

Trichocereus SUPER APRICOT Video

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Crazy Number of Flower buds on just ONE plant!

So here´s a good example for the flowering that goes on in my greenhouse during the main season. I do a lot of things to induce or promote flowering, and I usually get lots of flowers per plant. I water a lot during the early phase of the season and I also use various plant extracts to improve general health and flowering. And it definitely shows in my plants. This one here is a hybrid by Ingo Barthels with the number BS.1558.1 and I really enjoy the overall appearance of this plant in summer. The flowers are not huge, but it´s just a great overall package and the flowers look very impressive.

And here´s a photo of the open flowers of BS.1558.1

BS.1558.1 Trichocereus
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So this one is a really good Lobivia hybrid called EASTER PARADE. It’s often attributed to Bob Schick, but it is not from him and the breeder is actually Zelenak in the USA. The flowers always cause lots of reactions under my posts on social media, and they look very impressive on photos and videos. They are very small, but that´s normal for most Lobivia hybrids and this one here is way up on the list of the best Lobivia hybrids ever. The flower just looks like it´s glowing, similar to Apricot Glow.

Easter Parade is an American Lobivia hybrid that is still one of the best ones in the last 20 years. The flowers are absolutely beautiful, have a nice shape and almost look like they are glowing. Great plant that everyone should have in their collection.


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Repotting: Why Lava can be problematic as Cactus soil!

This Ecuadorian Trichocereus pachanoi was in urgent need for a new pot and soil. I had used a soil that mostly consisted of large particle Lava and it turned out to be too fast draining for my plants. All plants I used that soil on looked a bit dehydrated and didn´t flower as good as they could have. So I decided to completely jump onto the Pumice train and repot all the Lava pots into Pumice based mixes. And it worked…roughly two years after recording this video the plants look SO MUCH BETTER now. And don’t get me wrong….Lava is an amazing additive to cactus soil. It´s just too fast draining for using it as sole medium. Mixing in a bit of Lava here and there will work awesome, especially if you want to improve the drainage of your soil.

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Trichocereus OTTO LEHMANN (Wörlitz x Yellow California)

So this one is really a spectacular hybrid between Wörlitz x Yellow California by Ingo Barthels. One of the best plants I ever bought on eBay. I had some seeds of this one with another amazing parent in my shop and it probably was the most slept on cross I had in a while. I think the offspring from this plant will be quality stuff, especially if paired with a good father. And yeah, this is me after buying OTTO LEHMANN on eBay, grafted on an Eriocereus / Harrisia. This video was taken in 2020 and since then the whole plant doubled in size and almost looks like a thick little melon now. Really cool.

Photos of Trichocereus OTTO LEHMANN

Video of Trichocereus OTTO LEHMANN

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Trichocereus candicans White flowers x Buena Vista by Uwe Kahle

This one was the first big Trichocereus flower of the 2020 season and it’s a really nice and useful hybrid between Trichocereus candicans white flowers x Buena Vista. The latter is a different word for classic Trichocereus grandiflorus aka Echinopsis rowleyi. Very nice flower shape and it passes it down nicely too. However, it is a bit sensitive when it´s about flowering. In the last two years it has rarely flowered and when it did it dropped some flower buds again. Definitely one of the most sensitive Trichocereus hybrids I have in regards to dropping flowers.

Photos of Trichocereus candicans x Buena Vista

Video of Trichocereus candicans x Buena Vista

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And it’s a Wrap!!!

Aaand It’s a wrap. 😊✌ Finished filming the third season of Cactus Jerk and there were some absolute highlights this year. There will also be more flushes later on, so we’ll have a massive assortment of videos on and seeds in the shop. Big flowers over 20 cm, ruffled and all kinds of stuff.