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LC002 – Trichocereus bridgesii (Echinopsis lageniformis)

LC002, LC002 – Trichocereus bridgesii (Echinopsis lageniformis), - Cactus Seeds & Books!

This plant is named after a member of the NOOK or SHOOMERY forum called Liberty Caps, who spread seeds involving LC001 and LC002 many years ago. All the plants grown from those crosses are NOT clones, but hybrids between Tr. pachanoi x Tr. bridgesii (LC001) and Trichocereus bridgesii x Tr. pachanoi (LC002).

Please note that this was quite a while ago and I assume it must have been around 2007 or 2008 when Liberty Caps gave away his seeds.
Though the mother plant looks highly unusual, it´s most likely a Tr. bridgesii! But I didn´t find so many pics myself; so please contact me if you happen to have pics of any of those hybrids.

I received some seeds back in 2008 or 2009, but was not able to get them to germinate because it´s been a while since they were traded around. On the internet, there only is very little information to be found about LC001 and LC002 and almost any source I found just talks about germinated some of this LC001 Trichocereus pachanoi x Trichocereus bridgesii and LC002 Trichocereus bridgesii x Tr. pachanoi seed.

This plant was grown by a SAB member in Australia and it´s very possible that offspring from the same cross looks a little bit different. So technically, this is not a clone but one of the plants that grew from the seed labeled LC002.

Photos of Trichocereus LC002

LC002 Trichocereus bridgesii (Echinopsis lageniformis)

LC002 - Trichocereus bridgesii (Echinopsis lageniformis)

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