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Repotting: Why Lava can be problematic as Cactus soil!

, Repotting: Why Lava can be problematic as Cactus soil!, - Cactus Seeds & Books!

This Ecuadorian Trichocereus pachanoi was in urgent need for a new pot and soil. I had used a soil that mostly consisted of large particle Lava and it turned out to be too fast draining for my plants. All plants I used that soil on looked a bit dehydrated and didn´t flower as good as they could have. So I decided to completely jump onto the Pumice train and repot all the Lava pots into Pumice based mixes. And it worked…roughly two years after recording this video the plants look SO MUCH BETTER now. And don’t get me wrong….Lava is an amazing additive to cactus soil. It´s just too fast draining for using it as sole medium. Mixing in a bit of Lava here and there will work awesome, especially if you want to improve the drainage of your soil.