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Trichocereus OTTO LEHMANN (Wörlitz x Yellow California)

So this one is really a spectacular hybrid between Wörlitz x Yellow California by Ingo Barthels. One of the best plants I ever bought on eBay. I had some seeds of this one with another amazing parent in my shop and it probably was the most slept on cross I had in a while. I think the offspring from this plant will be quality stuff, especially if paired with a good father. And yeah, this is me after buying OTTO LEHMANN on eBay, grafted on an Eriocereus / Harrisia. This video was taken in 2020 and since then the whole plant doubled in size and almost looks like a thick little melon now. Really cool.

Photos of Trichocereus OTTO LEHMANN

Video of Trichocereus OTTO LEHMANN